Since discussing CQC’s transitional framework on Wednesday’s Zoom, CQC published further information about it on Thursday, available here:

The process will be:

  1. CQC will review information from a variety of sources.
  2. CQC will hold a conversation with providers either by phone or using Microsoft Teams typically lasting 1-2 hours.
  3. CQC may ask providers to share your screen during the call to share information, or may ask providers to send encrypted documents within 24 hours.
  4. Based on the discussion and evidence, CQC will decide whether to take further action including an inspection.
  5. It will also produce, but not publish, a record of the discussion.

CQC has published the questions that will be asked during the monitoring call.  They are targeted questions drawn from the existing KLOEs and key questions. They are available here:  Providers would be well-advised to make sure that all managers have prepared answers to the questions and have collated supporting evidence.

We also discussed the government’s Adult Social Care Covid-19 Winter Plan.  It sets out expectations for providers as well as national and local bodies.  Providers should therefore take note of the content.  It’s available here:

We also discussed the Test and Trace App. Of note, the supporting guidance states that the app should be paused when:

  1. When PPE is worn
  2. When employees are behind a Perspex or similar screen
  3. When phone are kept in a locker or communal area.

The next zoom will be on 21 October.  Email me if you’d like the dial in details:

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