Providing Guidance and Reassurance

Inquests present a number of risks to your business.  CQC and other regulators can attend hearings and take action depending on the outcome of the hearing.  Media may also report.  Adverse conclusions can damage your reputation and lead to claims.  Staff are likely to be nervous and morale can become affected.

Healthcare Counsel has attended dozens of inquests on behalf of health and social care providers, regularly appearing in long and highly complex cases involving other represented parties.

We will help gather the evidence you need, provide guidance to witnesses and advocate at the hearing to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.  We will also help you devise a strategy to deal with the bigger picture including  helping to manage reputational and regulatory risks, and supporting your staff.  The earlier we are involved, the greater help we can be.   For more information about the risks and how to manage them, click HERE or please CONTACT us for an initial discussion.